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General Dentistry in Fort Greene, NY

Family Planning Fort Greene, NY The Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. is an advanced medical center offering a vast array of separate health care and support services. For those interested in unrivaled Pediatric Care and family planning services, you've certainly come to the right place. Woman, Infant and Children (WIC) services are consistently available on the premises, as well as a staff of pediatric dentists focused on General Dentistry. Fort Greene, NY residents should feel confident knowing that our comprehensive facility is prepared to meet all their medical needs!

Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center is proud of our dedication to all types of family medicine. With family medicine, all members of the family can be treated for a wide variety of medical needs at one convenient place.

The folks at Brooklyn Plaza also make a great effort to extend our services to as many local families as possible. Our administrative staff is always available to assist with applications for the child health insurance plan (CHIP), free or low cost insurance for children young than 19, and Family Health Plus for adults between the ages of 19 and 64. We enjoy assisting you with health insurance counseling. No matter which economic scenario you may find yourself in, take the time to explore the financial packages offered for health insurance counseling at our excellent medical center.

Internal medicine is a fancy way of saying general medical care for adults. At Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, we are well prepared as an internal medicine clinic, offering prevention, treatment, and therapy for a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. If you are looking for an internal medicine clinic, please consider us here at Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center.

OBGYN Doctor in Fort Greene, NY

When you're looking for a medical center with fast patient treatment and quality care, turn to Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center. We specialize in a wide variety of Nutritional Counseling and family medicine to promote total patient health. Whatever your health needs are, trust Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center to take care of you and your family. We have been a long lasting family medical center serving all of Fort Greene, NY for years.

At Brooklyn Plaza Medical we know that a comforting hand is as important as medical expertise. Our OB GYN doctors are regarded for their ability to provide each patient with a balance of care that is both clinical and compassionate. By creating a soothing environment for every woman to feel comfortable in, our OB GYN doctors develop trusting relationships and identify ways to keep patients informed and healthy. To set up an appointment with our Fort Greene, NY office, call us today.

Whether you're in need of affordable dental care for your child or you have questions about family planning, our medical center is here to help you. Our pediatric care, OB GYN specialists, and other health care experts offer knowledgeable health insurance counseling, nutritional counseling, and other services to the Fort Greene, NY area. We want to help you take control of your health.

Pediatric Dentist

At Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, we always have a general dentistry staff on site who are available to see all youth patients. As a parent, it is important to establish your child with good oral care and hygiene at a young age. When these habits taught young, they are more likely to stay with these habits as they grow older. By seeing a pediatric dentist, children will get into the routine of going to the dentist twice a year for cleanings and an exam. These good oral care practices are important for children of all ages. If your child is not currently set up with a pediatric dentist, make an appointment for them at Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center. Our pediatric dentists are highly skilled and look forward to taking care of your child.
General Dentistry Fort Greene, NY

Gain the nutritional counseling and other medical services your family deserves with the help of Brooklyn Plaza Professionals.

Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc.’s leadership is devoted to promoting the well-being of Human Capital through a comprehensive health and stress reduction perspective. This involves the physical, emotional and spiritual domains along with nutritional counseling. At our fine medical center, the entire staff strives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all our services by engaging in training, development and employee empowerment. Brooklyn Plaza management is committed to investing time in each employee to realize our missions, goals and objectives.

Nutrition Counseling

Get on the right path to a healthier life with a little help from Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center. Now offering nutritional counseling and much more. In no time you will be living the healthy life you've always wanted! 

Healthy eating and exercise will go a long way in a healthy lifestyle. Many people want to make a change in their lives but don't know where to begin. At Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, we offer nutrition counseling to anybody who is interested. Whether you have developed poor eating habits over a lifetime or have never received nutrition counseling, it is never too late to start. Nutrition counseling can also be helpful for patients who have a recent dietary restriction and need help adjusting. We have worked with many people throughout the Fort Greene, NY area and look forward to getting you on track to a healthy lifestyle. To set up an appointment for nutrition counseling, please contact us today.

Family Planning 

Family planning is a special time in the lives of prospective parents. When preparing to conceive, there are oftentimes many unanswered questions. If you are considering family planning, it is best to become established with a clinic like Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center in advance in case any concerns were to arise. We have leading OB GYN specialists who will be happy to help with all your family planning needs.

Family planning services from Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center also covers womens health services and care. For any female-related health concerns or questions, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center can take care of them all. For more information on all of our family planning and OB GYN services, please give us a call today or stop in.

Pediatric Care Fort Greene, NY Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. is entirely committed to providing the highest quality pediatric care as well as adult services to all Fort Greene, NY residents at the most competitive rates. Our staff treats every local patient with the utmost dignity and respect, and has made a great effort to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere throughout the facility. Patients walk out of Brooklyn Plaza feeling great about their experience!

Our Brooklyn physicians are aware of the changing needs of the community and make every effort to be responsive to these matters. It's no wonder that local residents tend to return to Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center time and time again; our talented and reliable staff of physicians really care.

Each of the physicians at the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center feels that quality family medicine and nutritional counseling should be universally accessible to the local community. Because of this, gaining the invaluable service of skilled pediatric dentists has never been more convenient! Just dial (347) 201-4785 today, or click over to our informative homepage. Take the first step toward obtaining the finest internal medicine services in the Fort Greene, NY area today!

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